Brasenose-2 Mirror.

Camilla Casting.

Going Back.

Popping The Question.

Brasenose-2 Mirror.

29 October 2007

I have been fishing on Brasenose-2 on and off for the last year now and I have really enjoyed catching the small carp on there. They are always in immaculate condition and I often get the impression that the fish have never been caught before. I tend to fish on my own as my friends aren’t particularly in to fishing and my girlfriend gets annoyed at the bite alarm going off at night with the subsequent foot in her face as I sprint / stumble out of the tent.

As all of you know carp fishing can and often does become an obsession. This has on many occasions compromised the working and social lives of many an angler. I have actually seen a woman turn up at the lake and throw her wedding ring into the swim her husband was fishing! He carried on fishing. This is indeed a sorry endpoint to have achieved. As much as I love fishing, perspective must always be maintained. And with this in mind I decided to try and involve my girlfriend in the fishing a bit more (puts on most cunning and devious face).

We arrived at Brasenose-2 in glorious October sunshine to find it a bit more busy than usual, which was probably because of the large number of anglers on Brasenose-1. The wind was blowing across the lake to the far end where nobody was fishing. A long walk around the lake and we found ourselves in a lovely quiet swim. I had a nice fish in the evening but overnight was quiet with only one lost fish. The following morning was another cracking day with clear blue skies and bright sunshine. The water was flat and calm and I felt there was little chance of any fish until later in the day. I took the opportunity to teach my girlfriend, Camilla, how to cast and tie a basic knot. We went into a swim a little way to our right. After picking up the basics of casting and tying a knot I switched the weight she was using to cast, with one that I had customized slightly. I then showed her how far I can cast in a manly way. The weight was then deliberately dragged through some weed. I asked her to kindly remove the weed at which point she noticed some writing on the weight; ‘Will you marry me?’ I then popped the question, to which she answered yes! Now that’s how I like to tie the knot.

To finish the day off the wind started to blow hard into our faces and I picked off a nice 9lb8oz fish. We then went home extremely happy and drank some expensive champagne. Thanks to Linear for another great weekend.

Ben Phillips