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**Linear Fisheries COVID-19 – Update**

**Linear Fisheries COVID-19 – Update**
1pm Sat 21st March 2020

*Fishery to Close*

This morning we have taken the decision to close the entire fishery from 4pm on Sunday 22nd of March – we will remain closed until further notice but would expect this to be at least one month, probably longer.

Following the government advice last night and our own view on the current situation, we do not now feel comfortable in encouraging anglers from all around the country to travel to our fishery. It’s time to do our bit and try and slow down the spread of COVID-19. We must all now do our bit to stop the spread………….

This is most definitely not a decision that we have taken lightly as it will have a significant financial effect on the fishery, but we feel it is the correct and proper thing to do! I’m sure you will all be disappointed by this decision and I’m sure some of you will think it is over the top, but it is the right thing to do.

This will applies to both the Guy Lakes and Dix Pit Syndicates as well as the day ticket lakes and the on-site shop. For those that have paid or are paying monthly to fish our syndicate waters, please bear with us, we will work out a way to either refund, credit or freeze payments and make sure it works for everyone. If you have a booking that is affected by our closer and have already paid, a full refund will be issued in due course.

For those currently fishing the site, our fishery staff will be asking you to leave the site and be off by 4pm tomorrow – please work with them to make sure you all leave in an orderly fashion. Please accept my apologies if you had planned to stop longer and for those that have traveled a long way to get here.

As I mentioned in a previous update – the lakes and the fish won’t be going anywhere and will be waiting for you in the months to come, but we now all need to do our bit to help stop the spread of this deadly virus.

Stay safe and we’ll see you all again soon.

Chris Blunt
Linear Fisheries
General Manager.

If you require any further info on are at all unsure of the correct procedure, what the symptoms are or just require general advice on COVID-19 then please have a look at this very good link from the NHS: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Probably the best day ticket carp waters in the UK

At Linear Fisheries we aim to provide a safe and memorable angling experience, offering excellent fishing and customer service whilst still maintaining a profitable, sustainable business and managing the surrounding environment in a sympathetic manner. The team at Linear have a passion for angling and are driven to provide the best Day-Ticket and Syndicate waters in the country. This is our Mission Statement and something we constantly strive to achieve.

Within the pages of this website is much of the information you need to start fishing our waters at Oxford and much more that we hope will be of interest to newcomers and regulars alike. In the Gallery section you will find photos of some of the lovely fish our lakes have produced over the last year or so, along with our rules and other useful information that will help with your trip to the complex. You can also visit our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel and can follow us on Instagram. Every year, since 1990 we have produced either an annual newsletter or brochure, and 2019 is no exception. Our free brochure can be ordered or downloaded from this website, where you can also order a copy of our New Fishery DVD. In recent years we implemented a scheme which allowed children under the age of twelve to fish for free on the Day Ticket Waters providing they are accompanied by a paying adult angler and fishing in the same swim. This scheme was very well received, so well that from 2017 we decided to extend the scheme to cover all children under the age of 16. This concession will only apply during the UK school holiday breaks and weekends. More details of this can be found on the Prices Pages of this web site.

Can we please ask everyone who plans to visit our fishery to make sure they are aware of all our fishery rules. These rules help us maintain the site, help protect our environment and the amazing stock of fish that resides in our waters. They also play a massive part in ensuring your visit to the fishery is as enjoyable as possible. Our rules are enforced, so please take time to read them before you arrive.

All of us at Linear Oxford are dedicated to the continued running of a well-kept and well stocked fishery, not just for carp anglers but for all who wish to fish them - be it for tench, roach, bream, pike, perch and catfish – all of which abound in our waters.

From all at Linear – ENJOY THE WEBSITE AND BE LUCKY. Chris Blunt – General Manager.


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