Latest Catches - July 2006

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Oxlease Thirty!! [31/07/2006]

Jamie Astley had this 30.04 mirror out of Oxlease last week.

32lb Oxlease Mirror. [31/07/2006]

Linear Bailiff, Darren [Dodgy] Hemmings from Banbury caught this 32.01 mirror using The Edge Baits Crayfish & Shrimp Boilies over chopped boilies and pellets at 45 yards.

Brasenose-1. [31/07/2006]

David Austin had this 17.02 mirror last week using Dynamite spicy shrimp and prawn boilies.

Guy Lakes Thirty !!!! [31/07/2006]

Dave Stroud from Burbage, Leicestershire had this 35.12 mirror From Gaunts Lake a couple of weeks ago.

St. Johns Cracker !! [31/07/2006]

Tristan Welton from Crawley had this lovely 28.08 mirror out of St. Johns Lake last week on maize over a spodded area.

36lb Oxlease Mirror!!!! [31/07/2006]

14 year old Matt Steele showed his dad Pete how it's done with this 36lb mirror last week.

Oxlease. [31/07/2006]

Pete Steele with a 24lb mirror out of Oxlease last week.

A BIG CATCH FOR CHRIS [26/07/2006]

Linear Fishery Officer, Chris Blunt, posing with the biggest catch of his life. Congratulations to Chris and Jackie who were married on July 22nd

Brasenose-1. [21/07/2006]

Pete Yarrow had this 14.08 mirror earlier in the week using Bait Formulations Crunchy Crab Mix over spod at roughly 60 yards.

Brasenose-1. [21/07/2006]

Mike Devey had this new PB 16.10 mirror from Brasenose-1 earlier in the week. He had the fish on Bait Formulations Crunchy Crab Mix over spod at roughly 60 yards.

Oxlease. [20/07/2006]

Phil Harris from Bilston in the West Midlands fished the complex for the first time over the weekend and was rewarded with this PB 27.02 mirror out of Oxlease Lake.

Oxlease. [20/07/2006]

Daniel Morrall from Birmingham had this 19lb mirror over the weekend, Daniel and his brother had 15 fish between them durring a 48 hour session.

58lb Catfish !!!! [19/07/2006]

Peter Spicer from Southend had new PB catfish over the weekend at 58.08 from St. Johns.

Hardwick's "Jordon". [19/07/2006]

Shaun Royds from Heywood had this stunning fish known as "Jordon" off the top two days ago from the Smiths side of Hardwick. The big girl went 32.00 and was a new PB for Shaun!!!!

Brasenose-1. [18/07/2006]

Tony Derrick from Uxbridge had this 19lb mirror along with nearly 50 other fish in just 48 hours!!

Brasenose-1. [18/07/2006]

Tony Derrick from Uxbridge had this mid-double mirror over the weekend along with nearly 50 other fish!!

Guys Syndicate. [17/07/2006]

Mark Hooper had this 24.08 common on Edge Baits A-Pex boosted boilies fishing to the far margin on Yeomans Lake.

St. Johns. [17/07/2006]

Lee Cumberbatch from Barrow in Furness had this 19.13 mirror last week.

St. Johns. [17/07/2006]

Lee Cumberbatch from Barrow in Furness had this 25.09 mirror last week.

Roy Stitches up Martin Bowler!! [17/07/2006]

During the World Cup Martin Bowler kept making ridiculous bets with Roy, in the end Martin had to reluctantly hand over £10 of his hard earned money, needless to say Roy hasn't stopped going on about it since.

Brasenose-2 Common. [14/07/2006]

Biggest fish of the "Stag Do" weekend was this 18.08 common caught by Best Man Lee Robbins, (Spawny Git !!!!)

Now Thats What I Call A Bivvy!!!! [14/07/2006]

I was forced to fish the whole weekend of the "Stag Do" in this "unusual" Bivvy !!

Oxlease Mirror. [14/07/2006]

Matt Whittaker had this 20.04 mirror on Dynamite Spicy Prawn Boilies over pellets.

Oxlease. [14/07/2006]

John Paul Rutherford had this 20.04 linear mirror on Dynamite Spicy Prawn Boilies over pellets.

Chris Blunt's "Stag Do" Photos. [14/07/2006]

I have been forced under duress to put these photos of my recent Stag Do on Brasenose-2 up on the web. This photo shows most of the culprits.

Fishery Officer Chris !!!!!! [14/07/2006]

I was forced to spend the whole weekend dressed like this, Roy and my Best Man Lee even forced me to collect the ticket money around Brasenose-1 dressed like it. I tell you what though, I was more concerned by the number anglers saying they'd keep me company the following evening !!!!!!!!

Brasensoe-2. [14/07/2006]

Simon Vicars with his 7.08 pike caught spinning durring Fishery Officer Chris's "Stag Do".

Brasenose-2. [14/07/2006]

Edge Baits owner Marcuss Powell with a pretty Brasenose-2 mirror caught on the "Stag Do" weekend.

Hunts Corner!! [13/07/2006]

Mick Perry had this 28.00 mirror along with two other fish on Mainline Pro-active pineapple boilies.

Young Karl, Showing his Dad how it's done. [12/07/2006]

11 year old Karl celebrated his first ever carp fishing trip with his dad Steve by having this nice Brasenose-1 mirror.

Brasensoe-1 Twenty!! [12/07/2006]

On his first ever trip to the fishery Steve managed this nice 23.12 Brasenose-1 mirror.

Brasenose-2 Mirror. [12/07/2006]

Young Matthew had this 8lb 08oz PB mirror along with 4 other fish last weekend whilst fishing Brasenose-2. This was Matthew's first ever trip to Linear Fisheries.

St. Johns PB. [11/07/2006]

Jim Saunders from Plymouth had this 27.08 mirror at 4:30 Monday morning after a mammoth 35 minute battle.

Margin Caught Twenty. [11/07/2006]

Dom Spalding had this 22.00 mirror out of Hardwick Lake over the weekend.

Hardwick Cracker !!!! [11/07/2006]

Dom Spalding had this 25.04 mirror whilst fishing the margins of Hardwick Lake over the weekend.

**Hardwick Linear** [11/07/2006]

Over the weekend Dom Spalding had this lovely 28.12 linear whilst fishing maize over Bankside Grubber pellets in the margins.

Brasenose-1. [11/07/2006]

Ade from Nottingham with his first ever carp caught over the weekend.

Guy Lakes Syndicate. [10/07/2006]

David Stroud from Nuneaton with a 21.08 common out of Unity Lake, David caught the fish along with two others on DT Baits oil chicken boilies over spodded pellets.

Guy Lakes Common!! [07/07/2006]

Marcus Powell (Owner of Edge Baits) fished Yeomans Lake durring the week and had this cracking 27.10 common on Edge Baits A-pex boilies.

Oxlease Mirror. [06/07/2006]

Kevin Hudson had this 26lb mirror along with a couple of low doubles and a PB 30.03 common on zig-rigs yesterday.

Oxlease. [06/07/2006]

Steve Bull from Yorkshire with a 25.02 mirror.

Oxlease PB !! [06/07/2006]

Steve Bull from Yorkshire with his new PB 26.02 mirror from Oxlease Lake.

Oxlease Thirty !! [05/07/2006]

Paul Newman recently had this 30lb mirror out of Oxlease Lake.

Another Oxlease Thirty !! [05/07/2006]

Kevin Hudson from Banbury with a lovely 30.03 PB common caught on a zig-rig.

Brasnose-1. [05/07/2006]

Jason Weald from Essex with a 22.08 mirror.

Brasenose-1. [05/07/2006]

Jason Weald from Essex with a 20.00 mirror on his first time at Linear.

Brasenose-1. [05/07/2006]

Jason Weald from Essex with a 18.08 mirror.

Brasenose-1 Tench Record!! [05/07/2006]

16 year old Matt Green with a new lake record 6lb 08oz Tench.

St. Johns. [04/07/2006]

Sean Allen from Nottingham with a 28.04 mirror caught from the point on St. Johns using Dynamite spicy chicken boilies. Not a bad fish considering this was his first ever carp session.

Brasenose-1. [03/07/2006]

Terry from Somerset with his new PB 18lb mirror.

Brasnose-1. [03/07/2006]

Terry from Somerset with 14lb mirror on his first trip to the fishery.

Brasenose-1. [03/07/2006]

Terry from Somerset with an 11lb mirror.

Hardwick Stunner!! [03/07/2006]

Over the weekend Iain Macmillan had this 28.08 mirror off the top using Bankside's pro-floaters and a trimmed down fusion pop-up.

St. Johns. [03/07/2006]

Pete Collins from Bath had this 27.13 mirror last week on Richworth Ultra Plex Boilies over spod mix.

St. Johns. [03/07/2006]

Pete Collins also had this 24.05 common off the top using chum mixers.

Hardwick's "JORDAN". [03/07/2006]

Chris Morris had this cracking fish know as Jordan two weeks ago weighing 33.10.

Hardwick Lake. [02/07/2006]

Looking out from the recently gravelled "right-hand" spit. Photo provided by Neil Turner where he caught the "Big Tailed" common from at 31.08 last week.

Hardwick's "Big Tailed Common" !! [02/07/2006]

Neil Turner from Cheshire with the impressive common at 31.08.

Mid-Thirty St. Johns Common. [02/07/2006]

Andy Knowles who works at Eccleston Angling Centre in St. Helens had this 35.10 common back in mid-May from the road bank on St. Johns.

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