Latest Catches - April 2006

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The Starburst Mirror. [27/04/2006]

Neil Brooks from Cleveland with the Starburt Mirror out of St. Johns at 37.06, neil also had another thirty durring his session.

St. Johns Thirty!! [27/04/2006]

Neil Brooks with his other thirty at 30.04.

Thirty Pound St. Johns Common. [27/04/2006]

Darren Howell from West Brom with his 31.06 common caught on Mainline M8 boilies.

St. Johns. [27/04/2006]

Neil Brooks from Clevland with a nice looking St. Johns twenty. Caught durring the same session that he had thirties weighing 37.06 and 30.04.

"The Random Linear" [27/04/2006]

Adam Snowden had this cracking Manor Farm Linear this morning at 31.01 whilst doing a feature with Simon Crow from Carp Talk.

Brace of St. Johns Twenties!! [26/04/2006]

Dave Dixon with a 26.04 mirror and Simon Kearwell with a 23lb+ mirror, both were caught on smowman rigs.

1st Ever Twenty !! [26/04/2006]

Cogratulations to Des Keeling from Stoke-On-Trent who caught his first ever twenty on Oxlease Lake using a 6ft zig rig with a 10mm pineapple pop-up.

Oxlease Mirror. [26/04/2006]

Chris Templar from Bristol caught this 17lb mirror using a strawberry jam pop-up.

27.08 Oxlease Mirror. [26/04/2006]

Tony Watts from Bristol had this 27lb 08oz mirror from Oxlease using a strawberry jam pop-up boilie.

Brasenose-1 Twenty!! [25/04/2006]

This is another low twenty caught by Kristian McQuillan as part of his 66 fish haul that included 6 twenties.

New PB for Jon out of Hardwick !!!! [25/04/2006]

The picture says it all.

35lb 04oz Hardwick Mirror. [25/04/2006]

Jonathan Mudd, who is down on wirk experience from Sparsholt College had this new PB mirror yesterday morning.

PB Tench. [25/04/2006]

Chris Pomphrey also had this 8.03 tench durring his recent session on Guy Lakes.

27.14 Oxlease Mirror. [25/04/2006]

Craig McEvoy with part of a 17 fish catch that included two thirties.

31.10 Oxlease Mirror. [25/04/2006]

Craig McEvoy with the biggest fish of a 17 fish catch that included this and another thirty.

Mid Twenty Oxlease Mirror. [25/04/2006]

Craig McEvoy with part of a 17 fish catch that included two thirties, this fish went 23.10.

Another Oxlease Thirty. [25/04/2006]

Martin Dunscombe from Bath had this 31.04 mirror as part of a 23 fish catch between him and his brother Mark. Homemade fishmeal boilies and PVA bags of pellets did the trick for the two brothers.

27.04 Manor Farm Mirror. [25/04/2006]

Fishery Officer Chris Blunt had this mirror as part of a 8 fish catch over the weekend.

Low Twenty Mirror. [25/04/2006]

Fishery Officer Chris Blunt had this 21.08 mirror over the weekend.

Manor Farm Fully Scaled. [25/04/2006]

This stunning 18lb mirror was caught by Chris over the weekend.

23lb Manor Mirror. [25/04/2006]

Another fish that Chris had over the weekend, this one weighed 23lb 08oz.

Upper Double Manor Mirror. [25/04/2006]

This 17.08 Manor Stocky was caught by Fishery Officer Chris Blunt over the weekend.

Chunky Hardwick Mirror. [25/04/2006]

Another double caught by Jonathan Mudd.

Hardwick Mirror. [25/04/2006]

Work experience Student Jonathan Mudd had this double out of Hardwick over the weekend.

Three PB's in 12 Hours!! [25/04/2006]

16 year old Matt Page from Cirencester had three PB's in 12 hours on St. Johns over the weekend. Matt who was fishing with his dad had a 18.04 common then a 26.02 mirror and then this 29.06 mirror. Matt also said, and i quote "Needless to say Dad blanked" !!!!

Untity Stocky !! [25/04/2006]

Chris Pomphrey had this 24.08 mirror as part of a 5 fish catch on Guy Lakes "unity". this is one of the stockies that we put in a few years ago, so they are obviously growing well.

New Oxlease "Original". [25/04/2006]

Mark Harnett had this stunning fish a couple of weeks ago out of Oxlease at 28lb 08oz. This is the first time we have seen a photo of this fish and by the look of it, it wont be long before she goes thirty as well.

"Manor Thirty" [25/04/2006]

Chris Lowe had this 36lb 04oz mirror known as the "Matt Hayes Fish" yesterday out of Manor Farm.

Back She Goes !!!! [25/04/2006]

The "Matt Hayes Fish" on her way back into the depths.

Brasenose-1 Twenty. [25/04/2006]

This low twenty was caught by Kristian McQuillan from Tewkesbury as part of a 66 fish haul that included 6 twenties.

Brasenose - 2 Mirror. [24/04/2006]

This mirror caught by Neil Regan from Yeading is the current lake record on Brasenose-2.

Gaunts Lake Thirty. [24/04/2006]

This Guy Lakes mirror was caught by Grahame Osman and weighed 38.08.

Biggest Mirror of the Year out of Oxlease. [20/04/2006]

Richard Dear had the lovely 34lb 02oz mirror out of oxlease last week, we beleive it's the biggest mirror out of Oxlease so far this year.

Mid-Twenty for Richard. [20/04/2006]

Richard Dear had this 25lb 02oz mirror out of Oxlease as part of a 18 fish catch which included mirrors upto 34.02.

31 Fish Haul out of Oxlease. [20/04/2006]

Kevin Dear from Weymouth had this 26.04 mirror durring a session when he banked 31 fish.

Oxlease Twenty. [20/04/2006]

20lb 08oz mirror for Garry Hall.

27lb Oxlease Mirror. [20/04/2006]

This 27.08 mirror was part of a 27 fish haul by Garry Hall.

27 Fish Oxlease Haul!! [20/04/2006]

Garry Hall had this 29.10 mirror durring a 27 fish haul in 48 hours on Oxlease.

**49 Runs in One Day** [19/04/2006]

Aaron Savin from Oxford had this 17.08 mirror out of Brasenose-1 on a pop-up and PVA bag of pellets. Aaron landed 40 of the 49 runs he received, this was all in one 12 hour session.

Zig Rig Twenty. [18/04/2006]

Billy Simpsons had this 22lb mirror out of Oxlease last week on a 4ft zig using a pineapple pop-up.

Brasenose-1 Twenty. [18/04/2006]

Daniel Adshead had this scapper twenty as part of a 10 fish catch over the Easter weekend.

Easter Sunset on Brasenose-1. [18/04/2006]

Photo provided by Daniel Adshead from Stockport.


This isn't something I like to put up on the web but after this weekend I feel it must be mentioned. We removed over 40 black bin bags worth of rubbish from the lakes this weekend, this only encourages RATS and makes your fishing environment unpleasant so please take all rubbish home with you. Anyone caught leaving rubbish will be BANNED from all Linear waters for life!!!!

Manor Farms Cut Tail !!!! [18/04/2006]

Local angler David Nimmo only had one fish on his trip to Manor, but what a fish "Cut Tail" at 38lb 14oz. David had the fish on shrimp boilies wrapped in Bang on Baits paste.

33lb Oxlease Original for Chris. [18/04/2006]

Chris Sheldon also had this 33.14 mirror whilst fishing with his sons over Easter.

St. Johns Mirror. [18/04/2006]

Iain Mcmillan with a 25.08 mirror.

Upper Twenty Common for Iain. [18/04/2006]

Iain Mcmillan had this 28.04 common on 10mm Fusion Boilies as part of a 9 fish haul out of St. Johns on the weekend.

Another Twenty for Iain. [18/04/2006]

This pretty St. Johns mirror weighed 26lb and was caught by Iain Macmillan over the Easter weekend.

36lb Hardwick Common. [18/04/2006]

John Disley from Liverpool had this lovely dark 36.08 common along with a 33lb linear and two other fish over the weekend.

The Big Common out of Oxlease. [18/04/2006]

Chris Sheldon had this 36.09 common whilst fishing with his sons Thomas and Chris Jr. over Easter.

New PB for Charlie. [17/04/2006]

Charlie Jordan from mid-wales had this new PB 28lb 08oz mirror on his first visit to Linear whilst fishing Oxlease Lake. Charlie fished at 60 yards range and used a single pineapple pop-up.

Hardwick Common !! [17/04/2006]

John Disley from Liverpool had this 24lb 08oz common durring a three night stint over Easter, John also had a 36lb common and 33lb Linear, top angling mate.

A Perfect Linear out of Hardwick. [17/04/2006]

John Disley had this stunning 33lb linear out of Hardwick over the weekend using Mainline Fusion Boilies.

St. Johns Mirror. [17/04/2006]

Ray Gong with a lovely 26.10 linear mirror.

Near Thirty for Ray. [17/04/2006]

Ray Gong had this 29lb mirror out of St. Johns last week.

28lb 08oz St. Johns Mirror. [17/04/2006]

Yet another fish caught by Ray Gong last week.

Rob McDonnell with a 16lb Brasenose-1 Mirror. [16/04/2006]

12 Year Old Rob McDonnell had this 16lb 09oz mirror along with 6 others upto 21.01 last week out of Brasenose-1.

12 Year Old Rob with his NEW PB!! [16/04/2006]

Rob McDonnell from Halesowen had this 21lb 01oz PB mirror out of Brasenose-1 last week, he caught the fish on "The Edge Baits" 10mm pineapple pop-ups.

Oxlease "Original". [16/04/2006]

Scott Brown had this stunning 18lb 04oz fish last week. Not the biggest fish in Oxlease but definately one of the best looking.

Upper Twenty Mirror for Gary!! [16/04/2006]

Gary butler had this 29lb mirror out of Oxlease last week along with four other fish up to 16.09.

24lb Oxlease Mirror. [13/04/2006]

Gary Hooper with a 24lb 10oz mirror durring his recent visit to Oxlease.

Another Oxlease Mirror for Gary. [13/04/2006]

16lb 02oz mirror for Gary Hooper.

Another Oxlease Thirty pound Common. [13/04/2006]

15 year old Liam Pearson with a new PB 35lb 4oz common taken on Richworth Tutti Frutti's. "This is the 4th different thirty pound common to come out of Oxlease in the last 10 days"!!!!

Guy Lakes Thirty. [13/04/2006]

This 30lb 04oz mirror known as "The Frank Butcher Fish" was caught this afternoon out of Yeomans Lake by Guys member Phil.

1st Manor Thirty of the Year !!!! [13/04/2006]

James Smith had this 30lb 06oz mirror out of Manor 20 minutes ago. Boilie tipped with plastic corn did the trick.

Ben with a PB Common. [13/04/2006]

Ben had this 29lb 02oz common out of St. Johns durring the week.

Upper double St. Johns mirror for Chris. [13/04/2006]

I hour after Ben had his 29lb common Chris Salt who was fishing with Ben had this 17lb 15oz mirror.

St. Johns Stunner for Ben. [13/04/2006]

This superb looking 21.07 mirror was caught by Ben in the week.

Another St. Johns Stunner for Ben!!!! [13/04/2006]

Ben Also had this 20.08 mirror durring his session.

Sunset on St. Johns. [13/04/2006]

Also Fishing with Ben and Chris was Lewis, here he is as the sun is dropping playing what felt like a very good fish, unfortunately he lost it at the net.

15lb Bream !!!! [12/04/2006]

Steve Broad from the Angling Times had this massive 15lb 1oz bream out of St. Johns on the weekend.

Another Oxlease Thirty for Tom. [12/04/2006]

This is Tom Mortlock's second thirty out of Oxlease in the space of a couple of days and weighed 30lb 01oz.

New PB for Paul. [12/04/2006]

Paul Martin had this new PB 24lb mirror along with others weighing 22.10, 20.00, 17.12, 15, 13.12, and 2 at 12.8. Richworth Ultra plex Boilies did the trick. Paul from West Sussex was also fishing with two of his mates who also had 8 fish between them upto 28.04.

Another Gaunts Mirror for Clive. [11/04/2006]

Clive Turner also had this 25lb 12oz mirror this morning out of the Guys Syndicate.

Upper Twenty for Clive. [11/04/2006]

Clive Turner (owner of Didcot Angling) had this 28lb 01oz mirror this morning out of Gaunts Lake on the Guys Syndicate. Source boilies did the trick for Clive.

32lb Oxlease Mirror ! ! [11/04/2006]

Andrew Neville had this 32lb 08oz mirror on the 1st of April fishing particles at 70 yards, the take came at 4am in the morning.

Hardwick Lump!!!! [11/04/2006]

As reported yesterday here is the 36lb mirror caught out of Hardwick on the weekend. Malcolm Handsley from London caught the fish on a 20 mm tutti frutti boilie and was fishing the water for the first time.

38lb 10oz Guy Lakes Mirror. [11/04/2006]

Barry Rogers from Croydon had this big mirror out of Gaunts lake durring a 48 hour session, Barry also had a 27lb common, 21lb mirror and 4 stockies.

Guy Lakes Thirty!! [10/04/2006]

Ricky Holohan from Birmingham had this 32lb common out of Gaunts Lake over the weekend along with a mirror of 33lb 06oz.

St. Johns Stunner !! [10/04/2006]

Ray Gong with an amazing looking 27lb 02oz mirror.

25lb Oxlease mirror. [10/04/2006]

John Rotondi had this 25lb 08oz mirror out over the weekend.

Upper Double Brasenose Mirror for Jack. [10/04/2006]

Jack Tozer aka'Jackman Dinkle' aged 13 equalled his PB with this 19lb 08oz Brasenose-1 mirror over the weekend. Jack fished along with brothers Phil and Andy Flynn on one of Mick Perry's Brasenose Trips, they ended up up with over 40 fish between them.

32lb Cat for Ray Gong. [10/04/2006]

Ray Gong from Derby had this 32lb cat along with carp upto 39.14 durring a 3-night stint on St. Johns.

22lb St. Johns Common. [10/04/2006]

Another one of the fish that Ray caught durring his trip on St. Johns.

The "Big Common" out of St. Johns ! ! [10/04/2006]

The biggest fish of Ray Gong's trip was the Big Common at just under 40!! Ray had the fish on Mainline Fusion Boilies, it turned the scales at 39lb 14oz.

Upper Twenty for Iain. [10/04/2006]

Iain Macmillan had this 27.04 mirror along with 16 others whilst doing a feature for Angling Times on Oxlease.

26lb 10oz Oxlease Mirror. [10/04/2006]

Another good fish taken by Iain durring his recent trip to Oxlease, 10 mm Mainline Fusion Boilies and Alien plastic corn over a bed of Bankside mini grubbers and Fusion response pellets did the job.

Another Oxlease Twenty for Iain. [10/04/2006]

This 27lb 12oz mirror was the biggest caught by Iain Macmillan durring his feature on Oxlease with the Angling Times.

33lb Hunts Corner Cracker!! [10/04/2006]

14 year old Jack Rose had this beautiful 33lb 06oz Fully Scaled Mirror out of the Hunts Corner Syndicate over the weekend, only 2 hours after setting up!!

New P.B. for 15 Year Old Tom ! ! [10/04/2006]

Tom Mortlock from Staffs had this 32lb 05oz P.B. mirror from Oxlease over the weekend fishing a single particle hookbait.

"The Moment of Truth" [10/04/2006]

Tom's scales show a new P.B. !!!!!!

25lb St. Johns Mirror. [10/04/2006]

Aaron Savin had this stunning 25lb mirror using plastic sweetcorn.

New PB for 16 Year Old Jamie. [07/04/2006]

Jamie Taylor from High Wycombe had this new PB 31lb 2oz mirror out of Oxlease on Heathrow Baits Indian Spice Boilies.

Thrity Pound PB for Chris. [06/04/2006]

Chris had this 30lb 01oz new PB out of Oxlease last week on imitation maize.

27lb Oxlease Mirror. [06/04/2006]

Chris's brother Paul also got in on the action last week catching a couple of doubles then breaking his PB by 9lb's with this lovely 27lb mirror.

Oxlease mirror for Chris. [06/04/2006]

Chris had this little mirror out of Oxlease last week, not long before he broke his PB with 30lb 01oz fish.

Chris in Action on Oxlease. [06/04/2006]

One of Chris's fish ready for the net on Oxlease last week.

Another St. Johns Thirty!! [06/04/2006]

Simon Aldred from Northampton, fishing with five of his mates on St. Johns last week had this lovely 31lb 08oz common.

Stunning St. Johns Mirror. [06/04/2006]

Simon Aldred also had this beautiful 24lb 04oz mirror out of St. Johns last week.

New Oxlease Lake Record!!!! [06/04/2006]

The Oxlease Lake Record has been broken by Paul Cliff from Sheffield, who on Tuesday had this cracking 37lb 12oz common on a single pop-up.

Hunts Corner Cracker!! [03/04/2006]

Jason Rudge had this beautiful linear out of The Hunts Corner Syndicate Lake last week. Jason had the mirror which weighed 29.09 on boilies fished with PVA bags at 25 yards.

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