Latest Catches - March 2006

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Brasenose-1 Mirror!! [31/03/2006]

Lee Cumberbatch with a 16lb mirror caught last week out of Brasenose-1

First Fish out of Guys Lakes for Steve. [31/03/2006]

Steve Sporton from Coventry had his first fish out of "Yeomans Lake" on the Guys Syndicate last weekend and it was a thirty. Steve had the 32lb mirror on a flouro pop-up over spod mix in the margins.

Oxlease Thirty!! [31/03/2006]

This fish was caught by Chris from Climax Tackle on the 28/03/06 along with 9 doubles and weighed 32lb 4oz.

Upper Double Oxlease Mirror. [31/03/2006]

Simon Johnson had this 18lb Oxlease mirror last weekend.

Another Oxlease Thirty!! [31/03/2006]

Graham Howson had this 30lb mirror whilst fishing with Simon Johnson last weekend.

Pretty mid-double St. Johns Mirror. [31/03/2006]

One of the fish that Fishery Officer Chris Blunt caught durring the few days he spent on St. Johns, this one weighed 14lb's.

Upper Double Brasenose-1 mirror. [31/03/2006]

Luke Ball had this 19lb mirror on a Richworth Ultra Plex Dumbell with fake sweetcorn to balance the bait and fished it at range.

Luke Ball with a 23.08 Brasenose-1 mirror. [31/03/2006]

Luke had this 23.08 mirror on a single sqiud pop up fished at 90 yards range and was part of a 8 fish catch.

Scrapper Twenty for Chris. [31/03/2006]

This St. Johns mirror weighed just over twenty pounds and was caught durring the week.

17lb St. Johns Mirror. [31/03/2006]

Another one of the fish that Chris Blunt had durring his few days on St. Johns.

New P.B. for Jackie!! [31/03/2006]

Jackie "soon to be" Blunt, showed her other half (Fishery Officer Chris) how to do it with this stunning 33lb 06oz St. Johns mirror. This was Jackie's only fish of her session and proved to Chris it's Quality not Quantity, Chris had 8 fish but a scapper 20 was the best he could muster!!

Tom Downe and Ben Kavanagh with a Nice Brace!! [31/03/2006]

On their last full day on St. Johns after doing three weeks work placement Tom and Ben had this brace of fish. The fish weighed 25.08 and 15lb's

One of the Big St. Johns Cats!!!! [31/03/2006]

As reported last weekend, here is the big cat caught by Iain Ross. The actual weight was 56lb 2oz and took nearly 45 minutes to land, we believe this to be the third biggest cat in St. Johns with the two biggest both weighing over 60lb's . This was Iain's first ever catfish, what a way to start!!!!

Cliff Kemp bags the "Small Plated"!!!! [31/03/2006]

Cliff had the fish known as the "Small Plated" at it's biggest ever recorded weight of 37lb 08oz on Thursday morning.

Another Brace of fish for Tom and Ben. [31/03/2006]

These two St. Johns fish weighed 17lb and 15lb.

Tom Downe with a lovely 26lb Common. [31/03/2006]

Tom had this cracking 26lb 06oz common out of St. Johns last weekend.

Darren with a 19lb Brasenose-1 Mirror. [22/03/2006]

Darren Andrews from Berinsfield had this 19lb mirror last weekend.

Mark "Homer" Jackman with a pretty Brasenose-1 mirror. [22/03/2006]

Mark Jackman from Kidlington had this lovely looking mirror whilst fishing with his mates, Richard and Darren last weekend.

Upper Double Brasenose Mirror! [22/03/2006]

Richard Broome from Kidlington had this 19lb mirror on a single pineapple bottom bait last weekend.

Oxlease Twenty for Neil. [22/03/2006]

Neil Shirley from Middle Barton had this 21lb 11oz mirror out of Oxlease a couple of days ago. Neil had the fish on "The Edge Baits" Fruit Salad Boosted Bottom Baits, fishied as a single at 50 yards.

Ben with an Upper Double St. Johns Mirror. [22/03/2006]

Sparsholt Student Ben Kavanagh had this 17lb mirror out of St.Johns yesterday afternoon.

Tom Downe with a St. Johns mirror. [21/03/2006]

Another one of the fish that Tom has had whilst down on work experience with us a Linear. This one weighed 18.12.

Another upper double for Sparsholt Tom. [21/03/2006]

This pretty 17.10 mirror was also caught out of St. Johns by Tom Downe.

Tom playing his 28lb 12oz mirror. [21/03/2006]

This photo was taken whilst Tom was playing what turned out to be a lovely 28.12 mirror.

Upper Twenty St. Johns Mirror for Tom. [21/03/2006]

Another cracking fish for Sparsholt Student Tom Downe, this one weighed 28.12.

The Boy just can't stop Catching!!!!! [21/03/2006]

This was the last fish to grace Tom's net on Sunday Morning weighing in at 31lb's. Since this fish they seem to have gone off the feed again.

Sparsholt Student Tom bags first St. Johns "30" of the year. [17/03/2006]

Tom Downe, who's down on work experience with us at the moment from Sparsholt College had this lovely 34lb 08oz mirror along with two stockies this morning.

Pretty Brasenose Mirror for Chris. [13/03/2006]

This was only a small fish, but I thought I’d put it up anyway. It was a beautiful little mirror that I had Saturday afternoon.

New P.B. for Keenan ! ! [13/03/2006]

Keenan Dallimore had this 12lb P.B. mirror out of Brasenose-1 over the weekend whilst he was fishing with his dad.

12 year old Robert with a 15.09 Brasenose mirror. [13/03/2006]

Robert McDonnell from Halesowen had this fish along with 10 other over the weekend.

Robert McDonnell with a Brasenose Common. [13/03/2006]

This was the only common caught on the opening weekend of the Brasenose Lakes.

Another Brasenose mirror for Robert. [13/03/2006]

One of the ten fish 12 year old Robert McDonnell caught over the weekend on Brasenose-1.


Mick Perry with a lovely low twenty Brasenose-1 mirror caught last summer. As of tomorrow the gates will be open on Brasenose Lakes, so come down and give it a go.

Mick Perry's next available weekend tutorial slot is the 8/9th of April, weekday bookings are also available. For further info please contact Mick on 01277 849688.

St. Johns Lake this morning. [02/03/2006]

St. Johns Lake is starting to freeze and all the banks have a covering of snow - we predict most of the site will be frozen by Friday morning.

Manor Farm this morning. [02/03/2006]

The newly dug area on Manor is already half frozen and the banks white with snow - we predict most of the site will be frozen by Friday morning.

The Biggest Snag in the World!! (Well maybe not in the world)!! [01/03/2006]

Yesterday we had a diving team in to remove some snags in Brasenose-1 and the remains of the old trout fishing platforms in St. Johns. We also had them take a tree out of Brasenose-2 that we could just see the top of; it turned out to be allot bigger than we thought as you can see from the photo.

Snag removal on St. Johns & Brasenose. [01/03/2006]

Divers taking the remains of an old barbed wire fence out of the margins on Brasenose-1.

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