Latest Catches - January 2006

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19lb Hardwick Pike. [24/01/2006]

Jason Keen had this 19lb 08oz pike during the pike match on hardwick last weekend. It was enough to give him 1st place in the match.

Another Oxlease Cracker!! [24/01/2006]

Clive Turner had this lovely dark 26lb mirror this morning, not bad considering it dropped to -5 last night.

30lb 02oz Oxlease Mirror!! [20/01/2006]

Ivor just can't stop catching at the moment, last night he added this lovely 30lb mirror to his tally. Ivor took the fish on a "Edge Baits" cray and shrimp hook bait!!

Blast From The Past !!!! [19/01/2006]

I know this is the "Latest Catches" section, but I’ve just received this photo from Martin Rankine. Martin caught this fish on the 26th of July 2005 out of Oxlease, the fish weighed 30.08. It's not often you see the "Oxlease Originals" on the bank, so I thought you’d all appreciate seeing such a stunning fish.

28.10 Oxlease Mirror. [19/01/2006]

Another cracking fish for Ivor Peachey.

27.08 Oxlease Mirror. [19/01/2006]

Ivor does it again, thats four twenties for Ivor in the last week.

Fish ready to moved into Brasenose - 2. [19/01/2006]

Loads of stunning fish being netted - 568 cracking looking fish were put into Brasenose Lake - 2 on Tuesday of this week. These joined the 300 already in there.

Another shot of the fish ready to be moved!! [19/01/2006]

Over the next few years Brasenose - 2 will become known for having some of the best looking fish on the complex swimming around in its depths.

Two great looking fish. [19/01/2006]

Sparsholt Work Experience Student Rob and Linear Bailiff John about to put these two fish into Brasenose - 2. And these were by no way the best looking fish!!

Linear Bailiff Colin holding another stunner!! [19/01/2006]

Another cracker on its way to Brasenose - 2.

Proof you can still catch even when it starts to freeze over!! [13/01/2006]

Ivor releasing his 24lb mirror back into Oxlease through a hole in the ice that he had to break up!!

24lb Oxlease mirror. [13/01/2006]

Linear bailiff Ivor Peachey had this lovely dark mirror yesterday. Ivor had trouble landing this fish due to the amount of ice in the margins, top angling mate!!

Lovely 22lb Oxlease mirror. [11/01/2006]

Linear bailiff Ivor Peachey had this cracking 22lb mirror out of Oxlease this morning.

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