Latest Catches - October 2005

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Another Manor Stockie Goes Thirty!! [31/10/2005]

Ben Aldred carried his success on St Johns over to Manor Farm with this new thirty for lake - 32.00. Ben also had a 27lb mirror which can also be seen in the Latest Catches Section.

27lb mirror for Ben !! [31/10/2005]

Ben Aldred had this 27lb mirror along with one of 32lb's out of Manor Farm on the weekend!!

St Johns "THIRTY" for Lee Collings!! [28/10/2005]

Lee had this 30lb mirror this morning along with a massive 14lb Bream, catching both fish on Mainline Baits. (You can see a photo of that massive bream in the Latest Catches as well).

Massive St Johns Bream for Lee. [28/10/2005]

This 14lb bream was taken along with a 30lb mirror by Lee Collings this morning.

Chris Lowe with a Manor Thirty!! [27/10/2005]

Chris had this lovely 32lb mirror on a NEW boilie from SBS Baits called "The Avenue". The fish came from a spodded area about 50 yards out.

Guys Magic for Ivor!! [27/10/2005]

Linear Bailiff Ivor Peachey caught this 30lb mirror known as "Old Boy" form roughly 60 yards range using "The Edge Baits Cray and Shrimp Boilies".

Ricky Holohan with a 31lb 14 oz mirror. [27/10/2005]

Ricky had this lovely coloured mirror, this afternoon on DT Baits boilies. He was fishing to an overhanging willow on Guys-Gaunts Lake.

"The Starburst Mirror" 38lb 02oz [27/10/2005]

Ben Winsper from Birmingham had this cracking fish two days ago out of St Johns using Mainlines Proactive Pineapple Boilies.

Upper Twenty stockie for Gareth!! [26/10/2005]

Gareth Williams from Leamington Spa caught this 28.08 mirror from St Johns on the 21st of October using pineaple pop-ups.

New P.B. for Sparsholt Student Neil !! [25/10/2005]

Neil had this new P.B. 30lb 05oz mirror on his recent trip to Oxlease, this fish was taken on a single boilie at roughly 40 yards range. According to Neil he seems to be doing more fishing than college work at the moment, so if there's any Sparsholt lecturers reading this "take note" !!!!
Top angling mate!!!!

30.05 St Johns mirror for Ben Aldred. [25/10/2005]

This stunning 30.05 mirror was taken by Ben over the weekend, for more details on his catch see our "Top Stories" section.

Hardwick Cracker!! [25/10/2005]

This lovely 27.05 mirror was taken by Ben O'Connor over the weekend on fishmeal boilies.

25lb 2oz mirror out of St Johns. [24/10/2005]

Mike Dawson from Oxford caught this fish at roughly 60 metres range on a couple of 10mm pineapple and cream pop-ups and a stringer of Richworth tutti frutti boilies. Mike had the run as he was packing up to leave and was a new P.B. for him.

31lb Common for Mark Jones. [24/10/2005]

Mark caught this fish back in the summer, but we've only just received the shots off him. So not strictly a latest capture, but a nice common I thought you'd all like to see. Mark had the fish from the far end of St Johns in the shallows and used Icelandic red Boilies.

Gaunts Lake Thirty for Mark !! [24/10/2005]

This 31lb mirror was caught by Mark Ward on the 3rd of October, just two weeks before he broke the Gaunts lake record with a 42lb mirror. (See other latest capture with Mark's 42lb mirror).

Lake Record 42lb mirror for Mark Ward. [24/10/2005]

This 42lb 04oz mirror is the new Gaunts Lake and Guys Complex Lake Record. Unfortunately Mark had a slight technical with his digital camera and could only get one shot of his prize, and in his own words "was not the best picture". Mark caught the fish at roughly 50 tards range on a small baited area of particles and pellets and also added two mid-doubles. So Mark, don't worry about the photo's it was still top angling and a NEW LAKE RECORD!!!!

New Oxlease Mirror Record for Phil Herron. [24/10/2005]

Phil broke the Oxlease Lake record for a mirror carp on Sunday just gone with a 36lb fish. The fish was caught on two tiger nuts and smashed Phil's P.B. by over 10lb's.

Oxlease Original for Nathan. [17/10/2005]

Details of this fish have only just arrived to us, Nathan Rogers caught this lovely 32lb 03oz "Oxlease Original" at the end of September. Nathan had the fish at 5:30 a.m. on a couple of tigers and a single grain of maize.

35lb 04oz mirror out of Guys!! [17/10/2005]

Rick Holohan from Birmingham caught this fish on DT Baits Fresh Blood and Orange Boilies at roughly 70 yards. Earlier in the year (before spawning)this fish was weighing close to 40lb's in weight

Guest Session Success !! [17/10/2005]

Whilst on a 72 hour guest session down on the Guys Syndicate, Gareth Messon took this 38lb 08oz mirror. Not bad considering this is one of the 40's slightly down in weight.

The Random Linear for Lee Collins. [11/10/2005]

As reported yesterday here is the photo of Manor Farms's "Random Linear" caught by Lee Collins over the weekend. Lee who was on the water to cover a feature for Angling Times caught the Random Mirror at 31.12.
Lee fished with Mainline Baits Active Pineapple over Bankside Grubber Pellets at 80 yards range to catch this stunning fish. Lee fished from one of the three new swims that were recently opened for fishing in the new bay.

New P.B. for Mark. [07/10/2005]

This stunning 38lb mirror was taken on Nash Baits 's' mix boilies by Mark Dale. Mark caught this fish this morning.

35lb mirror out of Guys. [07/10/2005]

John Newman had this two-tone mirror this morning out of Gaunts Lake weighing 35.04.

Oxlease Original. [03/10/2005]

Ian Fisher with a 23lb 03oz Oxlease original. (See our NEW "Top Stories" Section) for other fish caught on Ian's trip to Oxlease with Warren and Paul.

Lee Collings Tutorial Pays Off For Ian!! [03/10/2005]

Last week Ian Mock spent a couple of days with Lee Collings on one of his tutorials. As you can see it was money well spent when Ian slipped the net under this new P.B. of 26lb 12oz.

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